Multi-Function Program

5 Key Functions of Daily Activities in a Single Program

Welfare Management and Assessment

Communicate Captured Information Qickly and Accurately

  • Efficiently monitor new and ongoing health issues
  • Forward information to key personnel
  • Electronically record all welfare data
  • Monitor specific facility areas

Facility Task Management

Prioritize Time-Sensitive Task for Animal Caretaker Personnel

  • Electronically assign specific personnel to individual tasks
  • Cages - Changes and animal care
  • Racks - Moved or cleaned units
  • Rooms - Inventory or prepared areas
  • Timely feedback on completed tasks

Census and Billing

Properly Allocate Costs to Researchers or Departments

  • Eliminate census and cost discrepancies
  • Expedite billing information to administrators
  • Identify omitted, displaced, and missing cages
  • Significant time and labor savings

Easy Billing Invoice and Information

  • Captures previously overlooked billable actions
  • Streamline invoice creation
  • Prioritize customer response
  • Fixed service support costs
  • Auto-link billing to routine associated tasks
  • Customizable institute billing

Space Allocation and Planning

Aid Facility’s Organization for Incoming Animals

  • Assists animal ordering process
  • Preprint protocol-specific cage cards
  • Provide accurate views of available rack space
  • Streamlines incoming animal allocation

Real-Time Data Updates

Assure Animal Facility Support, Consistency, and Uniformity

  • Promote facility support and uniformity
  • Timely access to animal welfare information
  • Ensure rapid completion of tasks and requests
  • Assure research study integrity and compliance
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